PRAY FOR THEM : Morocco Stabs Palestinians

What an Irony! While we were all celebrating Human Rights Day with special focus on the struggle of the Palestinians the kingdom of Morocco decided to normalise relations with Israel. Morocco became the fourth Arab country to do so. The others are the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan.

The agreement between Israel and Morocco has been done on the back of the Polisario Front. Western Sahara has been for decades a big fight between the Polisario Front and the Morocco kingdom. Thousands have lost their lives in the struggle to establish an independent State in the Western Sahara. In the Western Sahara the deal between Israel and Morocco has been brokered by the Trump administration as part of the agreement US President Donald Trump agreed to immediately recognise Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara. The United Nations has been quick to criticise the move. Do you remember how the Trump administration has against International law, recognised the annexations of Israel. So don’t be surprised if tomorrow “they” recognise the sovereignty of the British over Diego Garcia. On the other hand it is apposite to note that Algeria is fully supportive of the Polisario Front. Will the Polisario Front go to war? I humbly believe that it will be a mammoth error… Error which Prabakharan, leader of the Tamil Tigers made in Sri Lanka. With the help of the Israelis the Morocco army will crush the Polisario Front within months unless Algeria decides to openly entering the battle which they will fear to do as Algeria is fully aware of the military might of Israel. Don’t rely on Biden to have a different perspective.

The Palestinians are living very dark times. They are seeing one after the other joining for spurious reasons Israel. “Spurious” may be in the present context is a very weak word but must we be surprised when we know that the majority of the Arab countries are devoid of any principle. I am saying the Arab countries not the people of Arab countries.

The people are Pro-Palestinians. But the government of these Arab countries don’t give a damn about the rights of the Palestinians or that Zionism has as objective the division of all Arab countries in order to annihilate them in the future. Arab countries have set back the cause of peace by flushing a long standing demand that Israel should give up land for a Palestinian State with Eastern Jerusalem as Capital of a Palestinian State before it can receive recognition.

Bassam El Salhi who is a member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s (PLO’s) Executive Committee condemned the treacherous deal.

“Any Arab retreat from the 2002 Arab peace initiative which stipulates that normalisation comes only after Israel ends its occupation of Palestinian and Arab lands is unacceptable and increases Israel’s belligerence and its denial of the Palestinian people’s rights”.

Israel will use normalisation to:

  1. Increase its aggression against the Palestinian people;
  2. Increase its settlement expansion;
  • Destroy the homes of the Palestinians;
  1. Steal the agricultural lands of the Palestinians;
  2. Suppress all basic rights of the Palestinians;
  3. Harness the Palestinians to live in the greatest open prison on Earth;
  • Treat Arab Muslims as second class citizens;
  • Shoot every protester whether they are old women or very young boys;
  1. Force the Palestinians through sheer exploitations to leave Palestine so that Israel can reverse the demographic trend;
  2. Deprive the Palestinians of water or to allow the Palestinians to have access to contaminated water…

On the other hand don’t be surprised if you learn in the coming months that Saudi Arabia has also “normalised” deals with Israel. Sunday 6th of December, it was reported that Israeli Prime ministers. Benjamin Netanyahu visited Saudi Arabia. The second half of 2020 has seen an acceleration of normalisation of ties…

Follow the rhetoric of the Saudis… They are managing public opinion in order to stab the Palestinians… I fear… I trust the Palestinian struggle!