PRAY FOR THEM : Tomorrow you will have to answer…

All those of us who care for justice, rights , peace and anti-racism ,anti-fascism and anti-colonialism can’t just set under our coconut tress believing that we will win the war against all those evils by our sincere wishes . No! We are living in a world where information is pre-fabricated, fabricated and distorted at a speed never seen before. “What is the point you are trying to hammer Rama? Simple if you don’t read extensively and critically you will not be able to win the argument .Once you lose the argumentation you not only as a person fail but you become unknowing an ally of your opponent because you put him on a pedestal. The neutrals will no longer support you and with the passage of time your opponents will run the day. Therefore reading, understanding, asking key questions, challenging your own rationale is an important goal that you must revisit year after year. Since the age of ten I have been following the Palestinian struggle. I have kept on reading following the massacre of Chatilla & Sabhra I organised as the main coordinator of Grup Morisyen Revolsyoner GMR the mass demonstration before the American Embassy. We were very young. We were helped by the son of Soo Soobiah. We met him at the place of the. Sayed Hossen family .The son of Soo Soobiah converted to the Islamic faith. But his conversion was something magical…. He was soft spoken, honest, ready to go out of his way to help. He died as a martyr in the Bosnian war.

The question, then in 1982 was: is the Palestinian struggle a just cause?

For freedom a Muslim problem or a universal problem?

Have the Jews throughout history not suffered enough to deserve a land of their own?

Is the holocaust a fabrication of the Jews?

If it is not a fabrication (surely it is not! Don’t make any mistake) then must we allow the Jews to be crucified?

What is ZIONISM!

Is there a Zionism prior to the Second World War and then a Zionism after the establishment of the Israeli state?

How is it that we are happy to hear Ayatollah Khameiny declaring Iran an Islamic State and unhappy (to say the least) when Israel is being decreed as a Jewish state?

How can we be against aparted but not against Israel?

How is it that we close our eyes to all the atrocities committed by the State of Israel?

So we must read… the majority of information is distilled by a very pro-Israeli lobby supported by the United States of America and other European States.

The need to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians has never been greater

That’s why I am asking all those of you who wish to give some hours of their time to contact me so that we do something which will be meaningful to the lives of some children … God willing it might become an example! Contact me by letter + stamp:

Rama Valayden

Impasse Sautrezes

Sorreze, Pailles

Tomorrow you will have to answer