PRAY FOR THEM : Traitors everywhere…

Do you remember Miri Regev?

Do you remember what she did in October 2018 when she was Minister of Culture and Sports of Israel?

For those who don’t remember Miri Regev was the first Israeli minister to visit Abu Dhabi in an official state visit. She also witnessed with great relish for the first time Israeli national anthem being played…

Why is Miri (Miriam) Regev’s visit important?

Because the visit reflected what was being done within the corridors of power on the back of Palestinians.

Because Miri Regev stance must not be taken lightly as she has often called Jews who are Black as “cancer”…

Because some months ago she urged a national consensus to revive its policy of ASSASINATING Palestinian leaders.

The relations were to manage the dormant Arab leaders to accept what was already being done covertly by the corrupt leaders of Abu Dhabi.

And amid the dearth of reactions & lack of analysis two other important Israeli ministers travelled to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The two ministers were Ayoub Kara Israel, Communications Minister and Yisrael Katz, Foreign Minister.

And we must not forget what was said then by the foreign Israeli minister Katz during his visit in July 2019. He said “I will continue to work with the Prime Minister (meaning Prime minister of United Arab Emirates) to push for the policy of normalisation that we are leading based on Israel’s capabilities in the issues of security, intelligence and different civil opportunities”  13 months later we can see that Yisrael Katz was right.

But the clandestine relations did not start in 2018! Direct flights, indirect flights and intelligence sharing (specially against the Iranians & Palestinians) have been going on for years and years…

Do you remember that the Abu Dhabi crown prince Mohammed Bin Zayed’s (MBZ) wanted forcefully to buy modern fighter jets from the USA in the 1990s?

And the then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin gave his go ahead?


Has the United Arab Emirates fought in any war against Israel? NO!

Does the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES share a border with Israel? No! No!

It is not like Egypt and Jordan. Egypt and Jordan are the two other countries to have normalized relations with Israel. When Egypt normalised its relations at least the rationale was to take back a part of its territory – the Sinai Peninsula which was conquered by Israel.

What the United Arab Emirates has done is a crystal example that the Arab leaders have again paid lip service to the Palestinian people.

The Arab leaders don’t give a damn about their own people so how can we be foolish to think that they care for the Palestinians … the Arab leaders pretend to support the Palestinians because the Arab masses support the Palestinian people. Apart from Nasser and Khadafi (even if you don’t like him you must agree he is one of the rare Arab leaders who was for the Palestinian people not only in words. By the way Khadaffi was the African leader who was striving to have a true union of African states.) The other Arab leaders are not only cowards but have been regular traitors to the Palestinian cause.

It is farcical to say that the Abraham Accord is to stop Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands…

And did the fascist Prime Minister of Israel concur to that hollow statement from Abu Dhabi? No! Within minutes he said that annexation was still very much on the table and the plans were only TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED.

Whom do you believe?

Abu Dhabi crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed (MBZ) or Benjamin Netanyahu? I believe the Israeli Prime Minister. The Zionists will never alter their master plan of “Eksatz Israel’… never and it is not a question of who is Prime Minister but a question of timing.

Trump is happy! The Zionists will help him as clearly other Arab States will follow United Arab Emirates as the Zionists have instilled so much fear in their psyche that they see Iran-Iran everywhere … and for these corrupt Arab states. The aim is primarily to rape their own countries to the detriment of their own people and without any “feeling” (How can you be silly to think that these Arab Leaders have “feelings”!) for the Palestinian people…

The Zionists are very happy!