Nearly three years now, the government keeps sweeping in the fore courts of their neighbours in an endeavour to clean the country but forget to sweep the dirt that is found in their own back yard. Since this government took power in December 2014, we are left with the worst ‘bilan’ the country ever gets.

Nepotism and favouritism are well practised by this government in their nominations in many key administrative posts. The constant arrogance of the Jugnauth, both father and son are to be deplored as they try to challenge any one that tries to oppose their so called philosophy and concepts in active politics. I think, the PM has disqualified himself for such an important post he is occupying due to his inefficiency and lack of experience, especially when he has appointed certain notorious characters as his special advisors. Mr Pravind Jugnauth should keep away from active politics and let another one who is more qualified to take over his job as a Prime minister. The country is heading towards bankruptcy.

We have got today a begging bowl Prime Minister who relies too much on India for all sorts of financial help. Mauritius today is in debt up to the neck. All the line of credit given by India have to be refunded with interest by the tax payers.

This government is more or less helping the rich by making them richer while the gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening. Unemployment is gradually becoming a malaise in this country. Exact figures of unemployed people are falsified and are not accurate just to deceive the population. The country is going to the dogs where we have shortage of water since donkey years in most areas. In some parts, people have no electricity and live in absolute poverty.

The public are not at ease (except bootlickers and those who have been privileged to get something such as political nominations, or state land, or financial assistance) with this government. Did you know that the majority of the Muslim Community is no longer with the ex L’ Alliance Le Pep since this government has downgraded the Rawat family and ruined the BAI empire? Besides, from my political observation, I am well placed to say that hardly any Muslim supports the Jugnauths.

Why did Anerood Jugnauth refuse to resign as an MP when he handed power of his hierarchy position as PM to his son Pravind? The answer is simple because he does not want to provoke a by-election in his Constituency No 7. Anerood Jugnauth knows that the MSM would lose a by-election in that said Constituency. Why did the PMSD abandon the MSM‘s ship? There again the answer is obvious as the writings are on the walls of every town and country that the MSM is going downhill fast with their incompetent MPs.

This is the beginning of the end of new alliance MSM/ML government. Freedom of expression is limited as none of the parliamentarians can speak freely on the radio or to the press. This has created problem to one of the Muveman Liberater’s members namely Sangeet Fowdar.

Today after nearly three years since the government is in power, we have more than 47,000 unemployed people, including over 8,000 university graduates. In certain areas in the East and West of the country there is a constant shortage of energy such as electricity and water. Some people in certain remote areas have no access to tap water. Prices in the shops and supermarkets are rocketing  sky high where people can’t make both ends meet.

In other areas of Mauritius, we have frequent black out of electricity. Internet connection is often a problem for connection because of server technical network problem at the Mauritius Telecom. Is this the beginning of the end of the MSM/ML government? Many people are shunning this government and have realized that they have voted capitalism, nepotism and repression.

  by Dr  Samuel Nicholas Duymun