Here U go ! WE ARE AT WAR

Early & consistent denials of the danger of COVID-19 & its Variants have frozen into inaction the major decision-makers in the early weeks leading to the pandemic.  It appears that the war is being left largely to a handful of auto-proclaimed experts with no knowledge & experience in such extreme crisis management !

The threat exists for all our citizens be it young or old, healthy or with co-morbities, vaccinated or not , wherever they reside. In the past whenever there were threats, we have come together as one people; there is no such country-wide unity now…

Despite the obvious negative impact on our economy, the coronavirus should not be fought by half-measures; to continue to do so we will have deadlier consequences!

Let us be clear: We are at war and the first principle of war is to define your OBJECTIVE.

First and foremost, the commander-in-chief must focus on all the elements of national power to bring the war against the virus until a successful outcome is achieved.

Victory means protecting our people against this deadly virus & avoid further loss of lives.

As a patriot & having myself been a survivor from this deadly virus, I humbly request the authorities to consider doing the following:

a) Establish a more efficient covid treatment protocol & seek help from India & other friendly countries.

The protocol at ENT is so obviously  and patently wrong; It is diametrically opposite to the treatment in India. It needs to be changed drastically with immediate effect. We should be humble enough to ask the advice of the doctors at AIIMS. I can be in touch with them if the authorities so decide.

b) Convert some of the white-elephant infrastructures into COVID centres equipped with beds, adequate Oxygen supply & ventilators.

c) Send our national carrier to fetch the most efficient vaccines, recently approved medicines & medical equipments wherever available.

d) Give further assistance to our front liners & consider bringing in the SMF to assist in the administrative tasks and to ensure discipline

e) Get the private clinics to work in collaboration with Public hospitals & mutually support them as well. Saving lives must not be a business !

f) Apply the Work From Home policy to a maximum of workers , limit movement by alphabetical order immediately. This will solve the problem of overcrowding at public places & in public transport.

g) Observe the curve for 7 days & if no improvement is noted plan a total lockdown with prior notice to avoid panic of local & tourists wishing to travel back.

h) Stop telling people we are covid safe and that vaccination protects you completely.


i) Also urge our citizens about the importance of wearing masks properly, ie covering the nose not hanging around the neck. And also keep telling people about the importance of keeping a distance of at least 2 meters and keep washing/sanitising their hands.

I have made suggestions that I believe are achievable, the rest is your call…

Unless the government takes the bull by the horn and changes tack now, we are heading for an unmitigated disaster.

Once again , you can’t win a war with half measures…let’s beat the enemy boldly hand in hand ✋🏼

Navin Ramgoolam