PRAY FOR THEM : “Stop the Israelis”

The Fascist Prime Minister of Israel is again going on with his policies to kick out the Palestinians from East-Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu is campaigning actively for re-election which is due to take place in March. Benjamin Netanyahu is doing everything to woo the votes of the Ultra-Nationalists and all those who believe in the great Israel project. On the last occasion Benjamin Netanyahu did not manage to convince the Nationalists to turn out en masse to vote for him. One of the reasons is that nearly all parties in Israel have veered to the right… they have for the sake of elections espoused the fascist views of Benjamin Netanyahu.

What is Benjamin Netanyahu doing?

The Prime Minister is pushing ahead with the construction of 5000 new settler homes in the strategic and key areas of East-Jerusalem.

What will be the first casualty?

Additional buildings will cut Palestinian residents off from the rest of the illegally occupied West-Bank. Where does he want to construct the 5000 new settler homes? In the illegal Jabal Abou Ghneim and in the illegal Givat Hamatos settlements.

Why are Jabal Abou Ghneim and Givat Hamatos important to the Palestinians?

The two areas lie on the last spaces (few remaining for the Palestinians!) of land which link the Palestinian area of BANK to East Jerusalem and East Jerusalem or to be exact the outskirts of East Jerusalem is what will be “imposed” on the Palestinians if ever there is a peace plan between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

What is the plan of Benjamin Netanyahu with Jabal Abou Ghneim?

He wishes to transform Jabal Abou Ghneim into an ultra-modern midsized city which will “further kill”the Palestinian dream of an independent state having for capital East-Jerusalem.

What is the world opinion on that issue?

Before the Trump’s plan there have always been International outcry. And the uproar has stopped, in the past, Benjamin Netanyahu to March on with his devilish plan.

Will he succeed?

Yes because he is fully supported not only By Trump but by the American establishment. And the Arab World is in turmoil and the Palestinian cause is only a rhetoric to please the Arab masses. Follow the trend: 2017: the Trump administration recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 2018: Trump moved its embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem and the ceremony was attended by Trump’s daughter (may be a candidate for the Presidential Elections of 2024) and son in law. 2019 – Trump declared the illegal Israeli settlements following the 1967 war as legal. 2020: Trump’s “peace” plan which awards Israel full control of Jerusalem and all venerated holy sites.

And what would the Palestinians get according to Trump’s vision? The Palestinians would get a capital on the city outskirts which is completely neglected and … located behind a mammoth concrete wall of shame…

What did Benjamin Netanyahu say when he announced the plan to construct 5000 new illegal settler homes in key areas of occupied East-Jerusalem?

He said : “We are connecting Jerusalem. We are connecting all parts of United Jerusalem, the rebuilt Jerusalem.” Mark the key words:

  1. Connecting
  2. United Jerusalem
  3. Rebuilt Jerusalem…

It is clear that Benjamin Netanyahu will act like Duryodhana ( see the Mahabharata where Duryodhana even refused to give a piece of land of the size if a needle’s head to the Pandavas thus paving the way for the great war which led to the end of the Khauravas) and refuse a parcel of land to the Palestinians.

Benjamin Netanyahu further added:

“We did it in the face of fierce International opposition. We surmounted all the obstacles and we have done it.”

Who will own the homes?

The homes will be built only for Jews. It is demographic engineering. I will not be surprised if in the coming years the Israelis change their system of voting so as to marginalise the Palestinians everywhere.

PEACE NOW, an Israeli settlement watchdog said that the illegal expansion in both of the controversial neighbourhoods amounted to “state suicide”. It is apposite to note that PEACE NOW was founded in March 1978 following what is now better known as “the officer’s letter”. It is a letter from 348 soldiers to then Prime Minister Menachem Begin calling him to act swiftly for peace. The letter was written after the visit of Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat to Israel. PEACE NOW, is according to its website the largest and longest standing Israeli movement advocating for peace through public pressure. To stop the Israelis we need strong public pressure…