The clarion call of the people is solidarity. The concept of good governance is social justice. Roshi Bhadain has resigned from the parliament for a fair play of justice. He is coming again as an outstanding candidate for the constituency No.18. He is not a runaway person from the field of Belle Rose / Quatres Bornes.

He is a person to be reckoned with. He is very cautious in his electoral campaign. According to an online survey of his electoral campaign, he is ploughing over his branches, namely Morcellement Sodnac, Cité John Kennedy, La Louise, Ollier, Morcellement Jacandas, Laperouse, Morcellement St Jean, La Paillotte etc. His strategy and political action is to increase the trend of development for Belle Rose / Quatre Bornes in its general facets and geographical vistas and also to look after his electorate properly irrespective of creed or caste.

The Reform Party agents are peddling in the constituency to find instant solutions to long-standing problems in a form of out canvassing. With humble token of profound love and high esteem for him, I am making an apology to pardon him so that he can be re-elected for the parliament. He has the milk of human kindness. He never dodges, shirks and retreats with anybody else.

Nowadays, his regional office is seen at Avenue Goyaviers for the general good of his partisans.

Political analysts have speculated that he is fast in his electoral race. It is quite clear that he has a finish in this race. Sixty-five percent of people are saying that he is in the top list to win the bye-election of No.18