[L.E] Deepavalee & The inner light

“Light is good in whatever lamp it may burn. A Rose is beautiful in whatever garden it may blossom”

Sarvepalli Radhakrishna (Former President India)

Life is not possible without sunlight. The sun brings light to all without demanding anything in return indeed, a noble example of selflessness. However the scorching light of the sun often dries nature’s conceived plantation, plants, reservoirs and rivers. But out of sheer selfishness we have been destroying the ozone layer, which protects the earth. Man has thus contributed to set ablaze his own habitat.

The light of Deepavalee epitomizes wit, wisdom wealth, intelligence and love that enlighten people. Deepavalee also symbolises the ardent light of renunciation the halo of light of a spiritual master, the very acid test of life and strife, the light of meditation, the untold sacrifice and strong attachment of a mother towards her children.

The immense and profound desire for power is yet another kind of fire that burns inside most of us. This craving can virtually lead to extreme despotism and undue hardship. The lamp of Deepavalee reminds us of the very light that spreads in the surroundings while the lamp itself remains in darkness a vivid picture of selfless service.

Deepavalee also means a row of light. On this festive day night, the entire picturesque is a bejewelling night of immense light and delights. Let the light of wisdom trigger mankind to shun vice and adopt virtue!

Deepavalee has also a coherent, logical, consistent and direct link-keeping in view the very observance of Rishi-Dayanand of Rishi Dayanand Nirvan Diwas. Swami Dayanand Saraswatee passed way with a brightening smile, which enlightened those present. He disseminated Vedic knowledge to instil the spirit of truth and social justice in our mind. On the auspicious occasion it’s a glorious opportunity to all of us to contemplate on the life and teaching of Swamiji which is an indefinite source of wisdom. His magnum opus, masterpiece, the Satyarthe Prakash / light of truth provides to all of us the basic elements for an in-depth scrutiny and expedition on the true path of the Vedic way of life and strife.

On this great occasion of Deepavalee Festival, may we resolve to make the society more humane and virtuous? May we endeavour to meet the burning challenges of life and the fierce attacks that impede physical, moral and spiritual progress. Deepavalee is also a festival which guides us in our search for the Inner light. Light has no religion, colour, caste or creed; it dispels darkness and enlightens the environment it is universal. May we promote knowledge and dispel ignorance.

One verdic verse inspires us to reject untruth and adopt truth, to dispel darkness and enlighten the path of one and all; and overcome death to attain immortality! The first two are “karmas” and the third is the fruit(s) Karmas”. Immortality is achieved through altruistic and dedicated service. We desire “immortality “as the very end result(s) of our “Karma”, we eventually need to be guided by “Dharma” / Righteousness”, which delimits the freedom of action. The choice is only ours. Let the lamps inspire us!

Deepavalee also forms part of our collective memory. It’s the spiritual heritage of humanity treading towards light. On this day of huge rejoicing, may the lighting Reason of Tolerance and of Fraternity shine brighter than ever and help us triumph over obscurantism!.

“Burn light to your past, present and future”

Happy Deepavalee to one and all

Sookraj Bissessur
(BA Hons)English & Political Science

NOTE : Les points de vue exprimés dans cette rubrique ne reflètent pas nécessairement ceux de la rédaction.