PRAY FOR THEM Shireen: The voice of the voiceless murdered by Israeli forces…

My mother used to say that for sure I must have been a Palestinian in a previous life. My mother believes (I use present tense despite that she is no longer on our blue planet) in reincarnation.

The news of the murder of Shireen Abu Aqleh has hurt all my feelings.

Shireen is known to all those who follow the Palestinian struggle all over the world.

Shireen is a household name to all Palestinians. During the second intifada Shireen braved all dangers to deliver what is going on to all those who love Palestine. Shireen did not fear the mighty Israeli army. Shireen did not run away from the F 16 strikes, the snipers, the tanks, the Apache helicopters…

Shireen was killed while reporting on a raid in the illegally occupied West Bank.

Thousands of Palestinians lined the street as her coffin draped in the Palestinian flag was driven through the city of Ramallah.

Shireen was 51 years old. She was shot in the head on Wednesday 11th may in the West Bank city of Jenin. According to other journalists present Shireen was killed during a surprise burst of fire from Israeli soldiers while covering an expected Israeli military raid. The Israelis killed Shireen. Video of the “murder” clearly shows that Shireen was wearing a helmet and body armour clearly marked “press”. Contrary to Israeli claims there were no Palestinian gunmen standing near the group of journalists where Shireen was when she was targeted. There were many bullets. The Israelis soldiers continued to keep shooting after Shireen was killed. Another brave journalist from Al Jazeera was shot in the back.

It is apposite to note that Jenin is a historical flashpoint in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Israeli defence force (IDF) conducts daily raids in Jenin and same have increased with more brutish means since recent attaks against Israelis which have left 19 dead.

Al Jazeera said that the journalists were intentionally targeted and Shireen was assassinated in cold blood. The Israeli human rights group B’tselem supported the stand of Al Jazeera.

The European Union has called for an independent inquiry. The United States has demanded that the killing be transparently investigated.

Did you see the shocking footage aired live on Al Jazeera? Go and see for yourself! If you have some human blood in you… you will feel outrage…

During the funeral ceremony Israeli soldiers:

  1. Beat mourners;
  2. Beat even mourners who were carrying Shireen’s body almost causing them to drop the coffin;
  3. Smashed the window of the hearse carrying out Shireen’s body;
  4. Seized Palestinians flags.

As Diana Buttu Palestinian human rights lawyer has said “The mistreatment on the way to her final resting place underscored that even after her killing, Shireen continued to shine a spotlight on the abuses committed by Israel”.

Importantly the United Nations Security Council has UNANIMOUSLY condemned the murder of Palestinian-American Al Jazeera journalist Shireen. One must know that it is very rare (yes very rare) that the SECURITY Council shows a United front. It takes a special flavour because it happens during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Al Jazeera has rightly accused Israel of “Blatant Murder”…

Shireen you will live forever in our minds…


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