“Your time is over”

Pray for them

On Wednesday eighth of August

2018 The Knesset held a special session to discuss the caustic effects that the recent racist and Nazi style law is having on the minorities in Israel and its negative effects worldwide. The new law which has the quasi standing of a constitutional section gives only Jews the right to self-determination. The law also demotes Arabic from its official language designation to a “special status”. The debate held on Wednesday is neither academic nor futile as some Palestinian well-wishers are saying. Why? Because it shows the level of resentment against that racist law even among right wing parties within Israel. Yes, nothing in the short term will change but the debates have highlighted that the racist law is disapproved even among the most Zionist lobbies in the USA and Europe.

The opposition inside Knesset is demanding that the law to be amended immediately. The opposition leader Mrs Tzipi Livni of the Zionist Union (it is an alliance created in December 2014 by the Israel Labour Party, Hatnuah and the Green Movement to create a joint electoral list to get rid of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the general elections of 2015. The alliance which is the second largest party in the Knesset (Zionist Union has 24 years) said that a new provision is included guaranteeing full equality for all its citizens. The leader of the Zionist party launched a vitriolic attack on Netanyahu’s right-wing government for attempting to “dissolve the bonds between US with his acid”. She added on Wednesday “we commit to bringing the principles of the declaration of independence back into our lives. That’s our commitment and we will fight for it until we win the elections. Your time is over.”

The racist law has transformed around 1.8 million Palestinians out of Israel’s 8.8 million population into second class citizens. Israel is doing better that the Nazis did with the Nazi Nuremberg laws!

The Druze who is about two percent of the population is resisting the racist law. Last Saturday a demonstration, supported by many Jews, organised by the Druze community attracted more than 50,000 people. Jews against the racist law will be staging different types of protests in the coming days and weeks. On Saturday 11th of August at Square Rabin a bigger demonstration is planning a plethora of actions.

The racist law has the seeds to cause chaos. As rightly said by Tzipi Livni “your time is over.” Will the world raise up and say no to that racist law?

The Nazis democratically passed the Nuremberg race laws … Europe and others thought the law is not dangerous despite several warnings from leaders of left wing parties inside Germany. Today, eighty years later is history repeating itself? The Reich citizenship law stated that citizenship is the privilege of people with German blood. Nothing for Jews … like what Israelis are doing to the Palestinians and nothing for the Roms like what Israel is doing to the Druze community … Do you remember the race defilement act or the law for the protection of German blood and German honour? It is hard to believe that Israel is going so far! But a deep study of Zionism will open our eyes.

Within our Mauritian constitution we have the Islands forming part of our Republic. But do you know that Israel is the only country in the world which does not have boundaries. Why? See the illegal settlements (against international law) in the occupied Palestinian territories. Seventy years ago, after 30 identifiable military operations Israel managed to expel or caused the fleeing of more than 800,000 Palestinians. How? By the systematic destruction of 531 Palestinian towns … and when the USA formally recognised Israel on 30th January 1949 only 97 Palestinian villages remained. Yes, time is over … but not without a worldwide up rise ….

By Rama Valayden